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I'm terribly late with fics for the meme, but I have this awkward feeling that if I was late with the meta, my head would roll (I'm looking at you, Frances), so here I am. The post is freakishly long, which may or may not imply that I have no life. I regret nothing. The banner was made for me by [ profile] juana_a for another Damon/Elena meta, and I'm shamelessly recycling. The title comes from Richard Siken's “Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out”. The screencaps I'm using belong to ladymanson. The thoughts, I'm afraid, are mine.

Banner made by [ profile] juana_a. Quote from "Little Lion Man" by Mumford And Sons.

My first instinct was to write this meta chronologically. Just describe step by step how this relationship was developing, and end with a big speculation paragraph explaining how, obviously, my idea for future Damon/Elena is the only acceptable idea ;). But then: I've read metas like that. They were damn good metas. I might have two or three new things to add, but not enough to make this post worth reading for anyone who is at least remotely interested in the ship; we've been through the whole “Damon tries to seduce her to mess with Stefan => she shows compassion => Georgia => Katherine not in the tomb etc” thing, haven't we? So that's not how this meta is going to work. Screw chronology. Let's talk about themes.

Warnings: This is a Damon/Elena meta prompted by [ profile] ever_neutral for my December Meme of Doom. No functional relationships will be found in this post. No shipwars will be found in this post. Not enough graphics will be found in this post, because I have no Photoshop skills :(. All the romantic delusions that can be found in this post belong solely to Damon. Oh, and there are spoilers up to TVD 3x09.

Love Always Wakes the Dragon )

And, finally, some recs. Because I actually, you know, treated this meta seriously, so I've been reading things, and talking to people.

— There were two amazing Damon/Elena discussions on my own journal; they just came out of nowhere and consumed a few days of my life. They're both pretty chaotic, but if anyone is interested, it's scattered around those posts: click click.

[ profile] ever_neutral wrote an incredible Damon/Elena meta after s2: All You've Done is Give Up. When I was writing my post, I was trying very hard not to mention things covered by Alex, because why would I copy-paste?

[ profile] laniaaa wrote an awesome meta explaining why she ships Damon/Elena and how Damon is a horrible person: very big, very long discussion on why i ship my otp, and why i sometimes hate it .

If you have some more D/E discussion or meta recs, please do tell :).
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I blame [ profile] dante_kent and her Christmas spirit.

I know it's a bit early for Christmasy stuff, but on December 6th people in my country celebrate St Nicholas Day, which basically means that we sneak into children's bedrooms when they're asleep and we hide small gifts for them to find in the morning. I don't know how many of you guys celebrate it too, but I thought it would be a perfect excuse for me to be a troll tonight ;). So let's have a treat:


This gif isn't mine, but I certainly wish it was

1. It's Christmas, so everybody lives.
2. Pics, gifs and vampire versions of Christmas carols are more than welcome.
3. Much silliness can be found in this post.
4. Don't get blood on the couch.

Mystic Falls Christmas Speculation Post )
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[ profile] dante_kent and I were thinking how many people from TVD fandom have some vampires in their past. And there is no better way to find out than a poll!

We'd like answers from the people who are/were into TVD fandom (reading/writing fic, taking part in discussions, reading/writing meta; LURKING ALSO COUNTS!*).

*Btw, this is also how "being in Buffyverse fandom" is defined in the poll. Even if you were just lurking, it counts!

[Poll #1799456]
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I've had this phase before, and I got over it. But today [ profile] ever_neutral gave me some recs, and I started reading, and I'm sort of obsessed again. I was supposed to make a TVD Christmas Speculation Post, but it can wait, it's still November ;). Vamp!Elena is in my head RIGHT NOW!

Welcome back, obsession. I sort of missed you.

Here I speculate about fanfiction )
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I was looking for something to do instead of studying, and I remembered that I still have the meme!

30 Days of TVD - Day Seven )

Now, about other fannish activities:

And then there is the comment ficathon )

And, finally, yet another meme. Snatched from [ profile] penny_lane_42. Please, tell me:

1.) Which fictional character I remind you of.
2.) What fictional character you ship me with.

Long post is long. I guess now I have no excuse not do do schoolwork, but I'll try to do it quickly, so that I can at least start writing a fic before I go to bed.
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Ok, first things first. I promied [ profile] dante_kent a speculation post. During THIS discussion we've already established that Damon and Stefan totally have ljs, but there are still so many questions!

This is a speculation post )
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Yesterday meme was postponed due to Damon being a drama queen. Tonight nobody put me up to anything insane, so here I go.

30 Days of TVD - Day Six )

Other things: I finally managed to change my lj layout! I've been looking for one for ages, and I chose one, but some things had to be adjusted in the code, so I started procastinating... And, logically, today I just had a whim, I found a completely different layout, and here it is :D. Now I just have to update my fanfic masterlist, make a meta masterlist, and organize my tags in a way that makes them navigable for people who aren't me...
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[ profile] goldy_dollar put me up to this. I regret nothing.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers and Damon's facial expressions.

Damon Top Ten Drama Queen Moments )

How about other Drama Queen moments? I'm sure you have some more, especially since I tried not to be very cruel ;).
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I'm writing a comment!ficathon fic, but I keep thinking about this post, and it's distracting me, so I'd better just write it now.

WARNING: I'm in this state of mind in which I find everything hilarious. Like, literary everything.

Everybody's already written all the smart things I wanted to write, but there is one more aspect that TOTALLY should be discussed. Let's talk about:

Possible Crack Openings! )
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Before I start with the episode reaction, I'm gonna carry on with the meme. I've been waiting for Day 5 :D.

Warning: this is a wordy post in which I have thoughts.

30 Days of TVD - Day Five )


Nov. 11th, 2011 02:29 pm
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1. Is it just me, or is lj refusing to work properly again?

2. I've seen TVD 3x09, but I'm too excited about the comment!ficathon to write an episode reaction right now.

3. Comment!ficathon:

(click on the picture)

Hosted by [ profile] softly_me. It shall make our hiatus more fun.

4. Check this out. [ profile] pellamerethiel gave it to me last night, it's a website that asks you some questions and then it suggests some books you might want to read. It gave me some hints I'm definitely going to try... as soon as I get my head out of the comment!ficathon.
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I spam. I'm a spamming person. I'm also a person who really wants to do Day 5 tommorow, so here I go with Day 4. I'm not in the best shape today, so what I've written is probably a bit chaotic; it might also be murdering numerous rules of English language.

30 Days of TVD - Day Four )

I wanted to mention Once Upon a Time as well, because I'm really enjoying this show, but I'm far too sleepy now to write something even remotely intelligent, so I'd better do it tommorow.
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I'm pretty sure I wanted to post something today, but I can't remember what. Let's just hope it's not important... Meanwhile, meme!

30 Days of TVD - Day Three )

Icon meme

Nov. 6th, 2011 11:11 pm
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1. Reply to this post with "SOMETHING WITTY HERE," and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

My icons )
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Ok, I'm back on board (at least with the meme)!

30 Days of TVD - Day Two )

Non-fannish things:

1). My mother had a whim and brought me cranberries. Now, apparently, I'm supposed to take them and make something brilliant. I have no idea what to do, but I guess I can always make a cake. Tommorow I'm spending an entire afternoon in the kitchen anyway (I'm doing Grandma a favor and baking cheesecakes for her).

2) I'm back in crochet mode. Winter is coming...
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This is a spontanous Salvatore meta. It combines the thoughts I had while re-watching season one, all sorts of random TVD observations and my flailing all over 3x08. Since I just HAVE TO do this, and I have very little time (unexpected family problems that will consume most of my free time at least till Tuesday), unfortunately I can't fiddle with pictures, but please, feel free to Salvatore pic/gifspam all over my persian rugs. It might take me some time to answer all the comments (including those I should've answered a couple of days ago), but I'll get to it eventually. Just bear with me, will you?

WARNING: spontanous meta is spontanous. It's not my most coherent, sensible or well-balanced post. It contains fangirling, flailing and rainbow vomiting. In this post I'm neither bashing nor supporting any ships. If you don't like the Salvatore boys, it might be a good idea for you to just skip this meta. I have no shame, and I probably never will.

It's All About Brothers )
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I'm not in the best of moods lately, and I need a distraction. So I found myself a 30 day TVD meme.

It's not very likely that I'll be posting every day, but I hope I'll be done with this meme by Christmas. It's also possible that I'll change some of the questions (not many, since I like most of them; if there are questions that you think are worth adding, please do share :) ). Generally it is supposed to be fun, so I see no reason to be strict about the rules.

Dear non-TVD flist, when the amount of spam gets annoying, let me know, I'll make a filter or something.

30 Days of TVD - Day One )
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About Stefan's friendship with Lexi. Spoilers up to TVD 3x07. I'm having a bad day and lately I've discovered that reading too much into a teen vampire show is my best way to relax, so here I go.

Lexi the Savior )

TVD 3x07

Oct. 28th, 2011 07:07 am
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Ok, so apparently I was supposed to study before I go to school, but ended up watching TVD at this ungodly hour... Don't even say a word about it.

TVD 3x07 )

And then I watched the 3x08 promo )


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