Sep. 14th, 2011

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The more time I spend writing meta posts about Caroline, the more I am tempted to put it aside just for a little while and write a huge meta about TVD friendships in general. So I'm just going to combine those two and write about Caroline's friendships, it should satisfy my need for a while :).

I believe some explanation is in order. The thing is, I'm quite a lousy shipper. I tend to ship canon (like Buffy/Spike or Jack/Ianto) and I usually fail to notice obvious yet not explicitly canon chemistry (like Damon/Alaric) until my friends point me at it and say: "See, this is chemistry, and you are not human if you can't see it." And even then I like to take sexual tension away from the equation from time to time ― a new angle is always refreshing.

So, four people and four dialogues I associate with their friendships with Caroline. It's a sort of experiment. I was wondering what kind of picture would I get if I just combined the first four scenes that come to my mind when I think about Caroline's friends. See what I got.

Another wonderful banner by [ profile] juana_a. This is one of the most beautiful TVD scenes ever and I'm posting it here for me to remeber that, despite all those pretty glum things I'm going to write in this meta, I do believe in friendship and I think that TVD is awesome when it comes to stressing just how important friendships are.

You help your friend. That's what you do )


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