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I blame [ profile] dante_kent and her Christmas spirit.

I know it's a bit early for Christmasy stuff, but on December 6th people in my country celebrate St Nicholas Day, which basically means that we sneak into children's bedrooms when they're asleep and we hide small gifts for them to find in the morning. I don't know how many of you guys celebrate it too, but I thought it would be a perfect excuse for me to be a troll tonight ;). So let's have a treat:


This gif isn't mine, but I certainly wish it was

1. It's Christmas, so everybody lives.
2. Pics, gifs and vampire versions of Christmas carols are more than welcome.
3. Much silliness can be found in this post.
4. Don't get blood on the couch.

1. It's clear that Caroline organizes everything, but who are her minions? Who is a sucker for Christmas spirit?

2. Alaric, Damon and their bottles of bourbon are stuck in the kitchen, preparing delicious things like roast turkey with vervaine, rib in vervaine sauce or Rick's very special vervaine pudding. There is no vervaine in bourbon, at least not yet. Or should there be?

3. Klaus dresses up as Rudolph, because he does it every Christmas, but how about Elijah and Rebekah? Do they lock themselves up in their coffins? Or do they embrace their nature the holiday madness?

4. Klaus's choir of hybrids has been practising "The Carol of Bells" since early November. They're going to perform on Christmas Eve, and all the citizens of Mystic Falls are invited to die during the important festival. Vampires want to have their Christmas dinner too, you know.

5. Damon has already cleaned the house. Twice. Then he had to throw a few glasses into the fireplace and clean again, because Stefan and Katherine came back and started decorating Christmas trees with severed limbs.

6. How about Bonnie? Does she conjure icicles and mistletoe? Or maybe Jeremy was faster and he Binged how to do it without magic?

7. Do they have one big Christmas dinner for everyone? Vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches and humans celebrating together (it would be important for the community, you know)? If so, who sits next to who?

8. Damon put mistletoe all over the Gilbert house. When Jenna saw it, she put some vervaine into his bourbon. Alaric helped. Damon wasn't amused. Neither was Klaus.

9. What did Stefan get Klaus? Will there be a new crossbow for Alaric under the Christmas tree? What did Damon get Elena and would it be reasonable for her to open her present in front of Jeremy and Jenna? Did Rebekah buy any presents? Did Caroline make Tyler dress up as Santa?
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