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Fanfiction — polski

Masterlista fanfiction na [ profile] multifandom_pl zawiera pełną i (mniej więcej) aktualną listę fików napisanych po polsku, zamieszczonych zarówno tutaj, jak i na community.

Meta — polski


Buffy Wielki Rewatch, masterpost notek rewatchowych
[ profile] spike_daily zawiera wiele przemyśleń różnorakich autorów różnych, z pewnością warto zajrzeć (są obrazki!)

The Vampire Diaries

Bracia Salvatore, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x08
Alaric Saltzman, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x11
Caroline Forbes, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x11


Donna Noble vs Agatha Christie, krótka refleksja na temat pojedynczej sceny

Fanfiction — English

The Vampire Diaries

Darkship Prompt Meme, Damon/Elena, a set of 12 ficlets, future!fic, various ratings, Damon comes back to Mystic Falls after a few years of absence, 3700 words.
To remember, Caroline/Damon, NC17, mentions of past sexual abuse, psychological abuse nad mind control, spoilers up to 2x16, 1200 words.
They live like a big, happy, dysfunctional family right now..., Caroline, PG, crackfic, spoilers up to 2x22, 700 words.
It's simple like that: Caroline Forbes pushes him onto the bed... , Caroline/Tyler, NC17, spoilers up to 3x03, 300 words.
Chicago, the Salvatores, 1920s, spoilers up to 3x03, 300 words.
Normal Again, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena's moved on, and her life is all normal now. See? All normal.Spoilers up to 3x09, 470 words.
Stuff of Legends, Katherine, Elena, PG13, Katherine really doesn't mind that she's wearing somebody else's face; spoilers up to 3x09, 660 words.
Be Careful What You Wish For, Damon/Elena, NC17, It feels all wrong, almost peaceful, spoilers up to 3x09, 300 words.
The Better Man, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena tries to figure out who Damon really is. It doesn't work so well. Spoilers up to 3x09, 700 words.
Anger Management, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena has no reason to be angry right now; she just can't be angry. Spoilers up to 3x09, 1000 words.
Not Much of a Difference, Damon/Katherine, NC17, They end up on the floor, because beds aren't really their scene, not any more, not ever. Spoilers up to 2x22, 670 words.

Meta — English

The Vampire Diaries

Miss Caroline Forbes Presents: Character Development, Caroline, character development in seasons 1 & 2, written for [ profile] womenlovefest
The Show Must Go On, “The Show Must Go On” is definitely a Caroline song, written for [ profile] womenlovefest
You help your friend. That's what you do, Caroline and her friendships in seasons 1 & 2, written for [ profile] womenlovefest
Caroline Forbes ― top 10 season two scenes, written for [ profile] womenlovefest
The Awesome Thing Elena Gilbert Did In TVD 2x20 The Last Day, written for [ profile] womenlovefest
The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it, I ship Damon/Elena for all the wrong reasons (in this case in seasons 1 & 2; in season 3 it got even worse), written for [ profile] womenlovefest
Damon, Elena, Stefan — the question of narratives, spoilers up to 3x04; Damon is Byronic, Stefan is Manicheic, Elena is Love Conquers All.
Lexi the Savior, about Stefan's friendship with Lexi, spoilers up to 3x07.
It's All About Brothers, a spontanous Salvatore meta written after 3x08.
Damon Top Ten Drama Queen Moments, in which I'm being all academic. Totally. Spoilers up to 3x09.

30 Days of TVD, a meta meme, WIP. This is the link to the meme tag; the list of days can be foundhere (there is no meme masterpost, but there might be).
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