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I've had this phase before, and I got over it. But today [ profile] ever_neutral gave me some recs, and I started reading, and I'm sort of obsessed again. I was supposed to make a TVD Christmas Speculation Post, but it can wait, it's still November ;). Vamp!Elena is in my head RIGHT NOW!

Welcome back, obsession. I sort of missed you.

I'm not sure if I want Elena to be a vampire in canon, but I'm deeply in love with vamp!Elena fanfiction. Ok, I generally frown upon fics in which Elena decides to be turned because she wants to be with one of the Salvatores, and it's OMG SO EPIC LOVE, but other than that? Elena turned against her will. Elena choosing to turn, because she doesn't see any other option (like: she can't kill Klaus, but she can do something to ruin his supply of doppelganger blood). Elena dealing with transition. Elena with all her features magnified. Elena with all her issues magnified.

And her relationship with Damon? ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL! She would be furious with him. She would depend on him. He would be thrilled that she's a vampire. He would be terrified that she's a vampire. He wouldn't know how to deal with it. He would have to help her. Elena would hate herself and project it on Damon. Elena would find that her connection with Damon is even deeper. I don't really know how to grasp the subject, but this is, like, the fic of my dreams. I'd love to write it, but I probably never will, because I have no idea how (believe me, I tried...), but I would totally read it, and hey, I can speculate the hell out of the subject.

And how about you? What's your deep, dark fanfic craving? What do you think about fics in which canon humans are turned into vampires? Because I also love the idea of vamp!Alaric, and I wouldn't say no to a good writer doing something about vamp!Wesley. Or perhaps there is someone who is also craving vamp!Elena as badly as I am, and you want to tell me all about it?
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